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Nursery Essentials on Fox7 Austin

Nicole Locke with Bump Club and Beyond Austin highlights items and products that parents should have to get the room ready for the new baby.

Must Have's for Your Nursery 

Baby expert, Katie Blozis from Bump Club Twin Cities, has the seven must haves for a nursery.

Gemma is one lucky baby I must say. She has received so many wonderful “welcome to the world” gifts from friends and family. I wanted to highlight some special and unique ones for you all and I hope you will use this resource as your Ultimate Baby Gift Guide. There is something for everyone!

Mizz Review Lady

Thanks to BB Blocks I can now take photos from the convenience of my own home.  And on top of that,  I can personalize them with her exact age.  This also ensures that I always remember exactly how old she is in pictures.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I have looked at old baby photos of the boys and not had a clue how old they were in the photos! The BB Blocks include three blocks two of which include numbers and one that states years, months, and weeks. 

When I found BB Blocks I knew right away I needed these for my photography business.  The set comes with 3 blocks.  The numbers can be display 1-29 and then a larger block displaying weeks, months or years.  I couldn’t wait to get my best friend’s little guy over and take his pictures.  

At only $40 a set this would make a perfect gift for a new mom.  Share the gift that will last a lifetime allowing the documentation of a child’s life.

Being MVP

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

A wonderful gift for a parent-to-be or parents is BB Blocks.
Super easy to use and the possibilities are endless!  The quality is amazing as well.  Smooth edges with sharp ink on hefty solid wood blocks make for lasting photo tools.

BB Blocks Review and Giveaway

love the milestone memory makers you add to photos for a different look as well as keeping forgetful brain memory in check.  Milestone props like these can be unique and fun to add to photos at any age. Use these blocks to show milestones of any kind in your photos. Get creative and the possibilities can go on and on.

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BB Blocks

Created by a mom who wanted a fun way to document her child's growth. One set contains three oversized wooden blocks— two square number blocks and one long rectangular block with "weeks", "months" and "years" written on the sides. The result are some really fun photo ops.

Rita Reviews

BB Blocks Makes Picture Taking More Meaningful

How many times when you take pictures of your baby do you wish you could somehow show their age? I mean you could use a photo editing software to add it in or create a large poster or something. What if you could show their age in a picture very easily? Well I have discovered the perfect product just for doing that. It is called BB Blocks.

The Little Present Project




BB Blocks

The perfect way of documenting your children or pet’s age in photographs.  Makes a great gift for baby showers, first time parents or new pet owners.

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BB Blocks – making milestone photos memorable

I was nowhere near as clever as a friend of mine who photographed her babies and children from birth with a handmade sign showing their ages. Another friend used a large teddy for comparison in size as her baby girl grew.

Even after emerging from the haze of newborn days, it still didn’t occur to me to take milestone pictures of my boys with a pictorial indicator of their growth or age. I think I may have fallen prey to baby brain, despite experts now claiming it doesn’t exist. I now fear it’s all too late for me to order these gorgeous BB Blocks. With my youngest turning three this October it looks like I’ll just have to recommend them to you!

For US$40 you get three blocks – two number blocks with combinations up to 29 possible, plus one block with weeks, months and years printed on it. It remains to be seen if your offspring will want to be photographed at 29 years with these blocks, but I do like the idea of this family tradition taken well and truly into adulthood!

BB Blocks now ship internationally for the very first time. These are the most stylish way to do milestone photos – happy snapping!

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The perfect way of documenting your children or pet’s age in photographs.

If you have ever forgotten when a picture was taken, how old the children were at the time, or wanted to compare siblings in photographs when they were the same age, then BB Blocks are for you!

It's so easy to forget to write dates down in an album, and digital dates on prints ruin the image. BB Blocks are an innovative milestone recorder that are easy to use and the perfect family keepsake. Share then with family and friends when they next book a photo shoot - be it a professional one or family snaps at the park.

Makes a great gift for baby showers, first time parents, new pet owners etc. A gift that will last a lifetime to be used over, and over, and over again!

Designs by Vanessa

BB Age Photo Blocks Review & Giveaway

BB Blocks offers age photo blocks to help capture your child's (or pet's) age in photos. A creative mompreneur came up with this idea just days after her own baby was born and she wanted to document her daughter's age in pictures. Each photo block set includes 2 number blocks (number combination 1-29 are possible) and 1 week/month/year block. Don't you just love this idea?!

BB Blocks recently sent me a set of Age Photo Blocks to review and I just fell in love with this product! I'm officially in my 3rd trimester and time is just going by way too fast, I can imagine that time will really fly once my baby is out of my belly. That is why I love these blocks, they help you document those fleeting moments in time that you never want to forget. I actually wish that I had found these blocks sooner because it would have been fun to take weekly bump pictures with them and continue those pictures with my baby.

Lee La La

BB Blocks

Alright all you photographers out there…

Whether amateur, or complete Professional, THIS is the shop for you!

THE way to document your children in photographs, from weeks, months, to years!

The founder, Rachel, brought this idea to life after the birth of her daughter. What a fantastic way to share growth with those you love. My bestie just became a momma for the first time and we have BOTH been on the hunt for “numbers” of SOME sort to document her sweet boys growth. And then BB Blocks fell into my lap! Match made in HEAVEN!

Rachel was SO kind to send me my very own set. My BIG 18 month old, was our baby model. Ready?

Makobi Scribe

BB Blocks

As I approach my mid-thirties, more and more of my friends are becoming parents! And all these new babies means lots of baby shower gifts to buy. I love giving unique gifts but also something that would be practical and gets lots of use. Diaper cakes are so overdone and buying clothes is too predictable. BB Blocks has created the perfect gift for new parents that will last for years and years.

BB Blocks was created by a mom who wanted a more personal way to document her daughter growing up. BB Blocks come in a set of three blocks – two blocks which have numbers and one block which has weeks/months/years on it! They can be used in pictures for a creative way to document the age of the child in the pictures, all the way up to 29 years old !! I love how these can be used for any age, whether it be 2 weeks old or 21 years old! The blocks are made out of solid wood and the craftsmanship is outstanding. The words and numbers are painted in bright pink. blue and green so they are perfect for a boy or a girl!! BB Blocks are an imaginative way to document important milestones and can be passed down to use generation to generation! But these blocks aren’t just great for new parents, these would also be great to be used with pets or to document important anniversaries!! They can even be used as a countdown to a big trip or wedding date!! When not being used for photography, the blocks look great as decoration. I have mine sitting on my daughter’s dresser to document that she is now 12 months old!! I am so happy that BB Blocks has given me the my new “go-to” gift idea for new parents that I know that they will love!!

The BB Blocks can be purchased for $40 and shipped anywhere in the world! Follow them on Facebook for product information and pictures of BB Blocks in use!!

Mama B

BB Blocks {Review}

BB Blocks offers photo age blocks to capture and record your childs age in pictures. BB Blocks was started by a mama who wanted to record her newborn’s age in photos for family and friends to see.

I was thrilled when I was sent a set of BB Blocks to review. I was on the hunt for cute blocks for my monthly updates on Lucas and I just fell in love with BB Blocks. Each photo block set includes 2 number blocks (number combination 1-29 are possible) and 1 week/month/year block. They are exactly what I had in mind! I love that when I look back, I will be able to see just how much Lucas has grown from 1 month to the next. I also love that I can send pictures to distant family members and they will be able to “see” him grow! I wish I had a set when Adam was a baby! (better late then never!)

The blocks are nice and sturdy, made of quality wood so they are sure to last. The painting on the blocks is perfect. The only thing I would change is I would make the edges of the blocks rounder. They are kind of sharp and I am worried about one of the boys getting hurt on them.

A BIG! thank you to BB Blocks for sponsoring this review!

Stephanie Cotta Photography

Meet BB Blocks

I'm happy to introduce our newest sponsor, BB Blocks.

I'm not quite sure how this idea was not thought of sooner as it is honestly one of the best ways to document the age of your little ones in photographs (much cuter... and much easier... than just writing it on a sign!). The founder of BB Blocks, Rachel, writes, "The idea for BB Blocks was born just days after my daughter. With friends and family all over the country, we relied on digital pictures to share her growth with our loved ones. I wanted to be able to document her age in the pictures... and thus the idea was born. One of my favorite parts of the blocks are the weekly, monthly and annual “picture dates” I have with my daughter - ensuring there are photographs documenting her age from week one through the years that follow."

In need of the perfect shower or baby gift? BB Blocks is your answer... Not only will the soon-to-be-momma be thrilled to unwrap the cutest set of blocks to document the growth of her new little peanut, but you will wow the crowd with this unique, yet practical present. Each set of BB Blocks includes 3 Blocks - 2 number blocks and 1 weeks/months/years block. The set is just $40 plus shipping and handling.

And I'm not the only one that thinks BB Blocks is the perfect present for a friend or for your own little ones... Babyology ranked BB Blocks as one of their top presents for newborns!

To order your set of BB Blocks, click here. And be sure to like them on facebook!!

And when you receive your set of BB Blocks, don't forget to share your own images on BB Blocks' Facebook page or send Rachel an email at

What are you waiting for? A new shipment just arrived and these items sell out quickly... be sure to order yours today!!

Shopping for my little loves

BB Blocks

We have all seen adorable monthly photos of sweet growing newborns on our favorite blogs and friends facebook profiles, right? I came across these sweet blocks and they are the perfect addition to these little weekly or monthly photo sessions. They are $40. for the set and I think they make a fabulous, unique baby gift.