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Welcome to BB Blocks!

The perfect way of documenting your children or pet’s age in photographs. Makes a great gift for baby showers, first time parents or new pet owners.

BB Blocks
About Us
BB Blocks are a great baby shower or mothers day gift!

Each set of BB Blocks includes 3 Blocks: 2 Number Blocks (number combinations 1 through 32 are possible) 1 Weeks/Months/Years Block
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The idea for BB Blocks was born just days after my daughter. With friends and family all over the country, we relied on digital pictures to share her growth with our loved ones. I wanted to be able to document her age in the pictures... and thus the idea was born.
We love to see the creative ways you are using your BB Blocks (almost as much as we love pictures of cute kids and pets!) Please share your pictures with us by email or by visiting our Facebook page. Contact Us
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